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Imagine a home that will not rot, mildew, burn or blow down. Imagine that home at a better price than conventional construction. Imagine a road built on shaky soil, or with freeze/thaw problems, that holds up year after year when other roads would fail. Imagine building a home in a fraction of the time, yet ending up with a finished product far superior to the norm. Imagine having the ideal green-technology products for global infrastructure projects, rebuilding within the hurricane-ravaged Gulf region, or affordable housing both domestically and abroad.  Imagine rebuilding the devastated regions of Haiti and China with advanced technology that provides superior construction in rapid timeframes at less cost.  Imagine homes and commercial buildings constructed to withstand earthquakes.  Imagine being able to move families in Africa and India from cardboard, tarps, and thatch to homes that will withstand storms and protect their families.  Imagine advanced technology for rapid construction of quality projects at a low cost.  Just imagine… Imagine no more! The time has come for these dreams to come true. Through new and innovative thinking and development, CoreTech has positioned itself to be the leader in cellular concrete and advanced green technology construction products. We welcome you to take a close look at the “CoreTech Advantage” and what sets us apart from the rest.

Attracting the best professionals in their respective fields who share fundamental business philosophies and ethics is paramount to our success. CoreTech secures technologies through research and development, joint ventures, mergers, acquisition, and strategic alliances.  CoreTech is founded on the principle of providing a multifaceted, all-inclusive thoroughfare to meet the specialized product, training, marketing, business development, and distribution requirements of the cellular concrete industry in the world marketplace.  CoreTech‘s primary focus is the continued product development and engineering, application development, and market development for our unsurpassed cellular concrete foaming products and applications, as well as a business focus on proper organizational development, marketing innovation, and superlative business management to insure the success of our organization and the products we market.  CoreTech International is, at its heart, an advanced technology R&D company with the capability to market and produce products of advanced technology for the betterment of society, and make a large profit in the process.

CoreTech has the technology to build roads, homes and commercial buildings.  We have identified, patented, safeguarded and produced many building materials and processes, from geotechnical to high-rise. CoreTech took previous foam development technology and through improved organizational development, marketing plan development, and product refinement, transformed the opportunity.  CoreTech takes the innovative technology and creates the product, the application, the market, the opportunity, the management team, and the vehicle for organizational and product success.

CoreTech was founded on the principle of global marketing and engineering development for a specialized cellular concrete technology.  The company’s focus, following the successful R&D and initial global product testing, is to further establish our multi-national network, through our innovative Strategic Partner organizational program and land development, which will incorporate jointly-held regional operational companies and properties throughout the world.  CoreTech International, Inc. will provide R&D for new product applications, global technology training centers, marketing & advertising systems, superior management, organizational development of regional subsidiary operations, and operational supervision.   

What Is Cellular Concrete?  

Cellular concrete is a lightweight concrete with a Portland cement base containing many small air cells uniformly distributed throughout the concrete.  Cellular concrete is produced by the use of special foaming agents in combination with highly efficient mechanical blending systems that produce uniform air cells within the blend.  This material has been frequently used in geotechnical applications to line trenches and tunnels, to cover or fill large areas, to form sound absorption walls, create crash barriers and runway arrestors, to create lightweight partitions, lightweight roof decks and light weight retaining walls.  With the development of new and better cellular concrete products and systems for its utilization, cellular concrete is being used in roads, bridges, residential structures, commercial buildings, power plants, levies, curbs, railroad bed systems, and countless other applications.   

The advantages of CoreTech cellular concrete over traditional concrete materials are numerous.  Examples include its ultra-light weight, increased sound insulation, increased thermal insulation, and reduced material costs, excellent freeze-thaw resistance, high fire resistance, low permeability, and ease of application and workability. There are considerable job cost advantages by using cellular concrete as an alternative material in many applications.  CoreTech’s cellular concrete is light-weight, thus is less expensive to transport.  Cellular concrete can be engineered for self-leveling and free flowing, or stiff enough to hold a perfect crown, thus involving less labor.  Cold joint-to-joint pours can be achieved.  Longer spans between joints are common.  For geotechnical and road applications, cellular concrete can be poured on unstable soils that would be unacceptable for the use of traditional concrete or asphalt materials and without expansion joints, of course.  Atmospheric temperature variables are not as much of a factor as traditional concrete materials.  Cellular concrete has been used in extremely cold and extremely hot locations without incident of failure.  Cellular concrete also provides a true measurable cost savings; the average job cost saving is about 20%.   

A multitude of products and techniques have been developed and are continuing to be developed to service the ever growing popularity of cellular concrete, but to date, product manufacturing and distribution has been very fragmented and extremely regionally based. No true leader has stepped forward to apply proven business management and marketing methodology with a superior cellular concrete technology and in turn make these products readily available to customers on an international or even national basis.  Herein lays the challenge, the consumers’ need, and the opportunity.  CoreTech has decided to rise to the challenge, embrace the opportunity, and position ourselves as the undisputed leader in the global cellular concrete industry.

To accomplish this mission, we recognized that we needed to have the best product in the marketplace.  Through consistent R&D, the products of CoreTech are recognized as the industry leader.  Not only were quality products necessary, the ability to get them to market is paramount to organizational success.  We began developing unique marketing concepts, proven effective in other technology fields, and driven by leaders in marketing program development.  And, the company would need to be organized properly, managed effectively, and have superior leadership as we enter this market.  We are building one of the strongest organizations in the industry, with leadership that is recognized around the world for their technology development and management accomplishments.   

CoreTech International, Inc. clearly has an exceptional market opportunity, and we are positioning ourselves as the clear construction technology industry leader through the following:

  • Global high-profile demonstrated product success;
  • An energetic, aggressive, and motivated group of founders/entrepreneurs and partners with clear focus and vision;
  • A team of some of the best business management, organizational development, and marketing executives in the world, positioned to lead the Company to success, and keep it profitable;
  • A strong and ever-growing market where demand exceeds supply;
  • A focused product-development mindset, where constant improvements and evolutions of our technology provide new avenues of market application and shareholder revenues;
  • Leadership with diverse experience in building and managing businesses and bringing new concepts and products to market;
  • Shareholders which are dedicated to the successful expansion of the company and represent a strong financial platform;
  • A cost-competitive product line;
  • Product diversity to meet all cellular concrete application requirements, as well as innovations to lead the industry in new product applications and technologies;
  • Strong product research and development teams to keep the company on the cutting edge of industry development;
  • An innovative Strategic Partner program that provides regional-based, successful, well-managed organizations, providing a proven concept for exceptional market delivery and profitability; and
  • A market driven organization, with a unique and profitable approach to market penetration and acceptance through R&D, manufacturing, marketing, land development, infrastructure and construction.

CoreTech is emerging as a name synonymous with success in the cellular concrete marketplace.  Through a better product, better management, better marketing, better organization, solid funding, and ethical business practices, we will become the clear leader in our industry.